Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

November 21, 2010

Nov 21 Class: Section 1

Sevikas: Mamtha Rao and Jacqueline Gaines

Fun work to do at home over break:
Print out this page and have your child fill it in with likhita japa.
Print out this page and have your child say the numbers and colors aloud as they color.

Click here for Sanskrit numbers 1-5 (with English translation)
Click here for Sanskrit colors (with English translation)
Click here for short video on Sanskrit Colors

For extra, extra work: Print out these coloring pages to learn Sanskrit numbers 1-10

Morning Prayers:
• OM sahanaavavatu (click here for text)
• Vakratunda Mahaakaaya (click here for text)
• Sarasvati namastubhyam (click here for text)
• Shree KrishnaH (click here for text)

Quiet Time: 1 minute of complete silence and very good shell counting!!! We're going to try and sit for one minute and 30 seconds next class ....  (click here for game instructions)

Geeta Chanting: Chapter 11: Shlokas 1, 2 and 3 (click here for audio and text)

Letter of the Week: "F is for Friend"

Story: Sudaamaa and Lord Krishna

• Read Blue Hat, Green Hat (by Sandra Boynton) in Sanskrit (click here for translated text)
• Colors in Sanskrit (click here for text)
• Numbers in Sanskrit, 1-5 (click here for text)

Likhita Japa: राम (click here for tracing card and video)

Ending Prayers:
• OM PoornamadaH (click here for text)
• Chinmaya Pledge (click here for text)

Comments: Well, we certainly got a lot accomplished today — nearly everyone arrived on time, so we were able to get right down to business. Good going, kids!

To begin with, the aunties want to congratulate all of our young friends for their very successful "Quiet Time" segment. Today was the first time we barely saw any movement at all. Therefore, we all agreed that it's time to move up to a minute and a half. So next class we're going to give it a try :-)

We also want to acknowledge how well the kids are doing with their "Home Fun Work" assignments. We were extremely delighted that so many children brought in their creative likhita japa to share with us. Please make sure to pause and take a look at the slide show above. Their efforts are truly amazing — and we are thrilled that they are continuing the likhita japa practice at home!!! We think the kids are going to enjoy doing the one we posted for this week — do please be sure and print it out for them. Hopefully, it will remind them of this week's lesson, "F is for Friend." (We told the story of Sudaamaa and Lord Krishna.)

We finally began Shloka 3 of Chapter 11, Geeta Chanting. No question about it: this shloka is a bit tricky. Therefore, the aunties have instructed your children to use your computers to do some homework over break :-)  Chapter 11 has been completely broken down line by line and is now available on the blog (see the link above.) This is really a great tool — and we highly recommend that your child use this on a daily basis. All is takes is a few minutes each day ... and before you know it, both of you will have memorized the shloka with perfect pronunciation!

Because the children have worked so well at home practicing their ऊ, we decided to introduce a a new tracing card for our likhita japa segment. Today the children learned the writing strokes for राम (Raama.) As we wrote राम, we carefully said the sound each letter made. Honestly, we were amazed at how well everyone did!!! Clearly, these kids are ready for the next level :-) Please feel free to print out the tracing sheet and have your child continue practicing at home. The link is posted above for your convenience.

Before our story of Lord Krishna and Sudaamaa, we spent a good amount of time talking about a quote from Gurudev. "Learn to always speak softly, words of love and affection, then friends multiply." We defined some words like "affection" and "multiply," and then re-read the quote with a deeper understanding.

Our class ended with a few minutes of some Sanskrit Learning fun. We introduced 5 color names and counting (1-5).  We also read Sandra Boynton's silly book "Blue Hat, Green Hat" in Sanskrit. Whenever time permits, we will try and bring out some games and books for a little fun. God's language is truly a most beautiful one — and there is no question that we should be having fun while learning it, too! Please be advised, however, that we will not be teaching any grammar rules. That is done in the language class :-)

We'll certainly miss everyone over our mini break. Enjoy the long weekend coming up ... and don't forget to go outside and breathe in some cool fresh air ... it feels really good! Can't stay inside all the time just because it is starting to get cold :-)

Rishika, it was really good seeing you again today. We missed you while you were away and are glad to have you back!

Lots of love and hugs for all of our young friends!