Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

October 18, 2009

Oct 18 Class: Section 1

Sevikas: Nanda and Jacqueline


Quiet Time: One minute of silence — although a few of our friends got a bit restless after 40 seconds ;-) Afterwards we played our concentration game and nearly everyone got the shell count correctly. Definitely our kindergartners can focus when they want to — not one child counted out loud. Everyone did the number count in their head (which is not easy for this age group.)

Bhajans: none

Art Activity/Games:  Scratch Art (click here to view.)

Likhita Japa: None

End of Class Prayers: Aarti and prayers were done in the auditorium with Swamiji and all the classes. 

Homework: Diya Greeting Card (click here for assembly instructions and sample.) The children are to give it to someone they love.

Videos to watch with Mom and Dad: A Garden Dream (click here to view) and Typolution (click here to view.)  These are both short and nicely done animations on cleanliness and pollution. Definitely check out "Typolution" — it's completely done in type! (The kids really get a kick figuring out which letters are being used.)

Comments: Today was "C is for Cleanliness." We talked about how we all understand that we must keep things clean – like our rooms, our bodies, our clothes, etc. But what about keeping our "inside" clean? What does that mean? Everybody raised their hands to share some ideas about what these unclean feelings and behaviours might be. Jealousy, fibbing and teasing were top on the lists ...

After our story and discussion we did an activity to help us understand that with constant work and diligence, we can take away all of our "gunky stuff." And what will be revealed after all that cleaning and polishing is God. Lots of 'good old elbow grease' was being done in the classroom today — and in the end every child got to put a beautiful image of a God or Goddess in their backpack to take home and cherish. So kids, remember that all this hard work will always be worth it! Click here to view our activity project. 

Today's class was abbreviated because we went to the auditorium to see the Sixth Grade's presentation on Diwali. The kids gave a great performance and our kindergartners sat very nicely and attentively throughout the show! Nice job guys ....

Recap: "A is for Aspiration," "B is for Brotherhood," and "C is for cleanliness." Please have your child give some thought to next week's class: "D is for ______." Here's a hint: it's not "dog" or "doughnut." :-)

We wish you and your family much joy and love during this special holiday. We look forward to seeing everyone next week for our weekly party with God!