Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

October 4, 2009

Oct 04 Class: Section 1

Sevikas: Nanda and Jacqueline


Quiet Time: We did much better with our 1 minute of silence today. The kids were able to sit, motionless, for nearly 40 seconds. We then completed our silence with a focus game where everyone had to count shells as they were dropped into a glass bowl — all with their eyes closed. Most of the class got the count correct. We're thinking that we are going to have to make this game a bit more complicated for the children next week ;-)

Bhajans: none

Geeta Chanting: Chapter 10, Shloka 1 

Story: We had two today: 1) Washington Roebling and the Brooklyn Bridge and 2) The Thirsty Black Crow.

Activity/Games: "Try to Touch the Balloon"

Art Project:  None

End of Class Prayers: OM Poornamadah

Homework: The Thirsty Black Crow (click here for assembly instructions) and visit the Brooklyn Bridge.

Comments: We began our Vedantic Alphabet today: A is for Aspiration. Auntie told a wonderful story about how the Brooklyn Bridge got built — and how difficult it was for Washington Roebling to pursue his aspiration. But, through hard work, perserverance and creative thinking, he attained his goal. She then showed us some nice pictures on the computer of the Brooklyn Bridge and gave everyone a homework assignment to do with Mom and Dad: Walk or drive across the Brooklyn Bridge. Oh yeah, don't forget to have a slice of pizza and some delicious ice cream once you get to the other side!

After the story we pulled out some balloons (tied to a stick) and had the children line up to play a game. We held the balloon up high and had the children jump to try and touch it. After a few tries (and some serious jumping), each of the kids were able to see their hard work pay off — they were finally able to give the balloon a "swat."

The children were then told another story, "The Thirsty Black Crow." It is this story that their homework art project is based on. Once they have assembled their paper toy, have them tell you the story.

And to further illustrate "A is for Aspiration" we recommend these two fun, short animations to watch at home: The Thirsty Crow (click here to view) and Kiwi (click here to view.)

Also, please note that we have posted the audio of our Geeta Chanting (Chapter 10, Shlokas 1-7.) We have already begun working with the children in learning their assigned shlokas for the Geeta Competition in Spring 2010. You will be pleased to know that your children already have the first half of shloka 1 practically memorized! Please continue to work with them at home on a regular basis — in fact, make it become part of their daily homework. It would truly be a wonderful sight to see all of the kindergartners lined up at the ashram, waiting to chant.

We thank all the parents who came to our brief meeting this morning. We realize that it was a little noisy towards the end and we appreciate your focus amidst all the activity :-) Definitely take some time to explore this blog. In addition to our class reviews, we will be constantly updating with fun things to see and do with your children at home.

We cannot express enough the importance of arriving to class on time. As we indicated in the meeting, our fun begins precisely at 10:00. If the classroom lights are off, then please wait with your child in the hallway until our "Quiet Time and Focus Game" is over. We also ask that you take your child to the restroom in the morning right before class. It is difficult for us to break during class to take the children to the restroom. If one has to go .... well, you know, then the whole class has to go ;-)

We hope that your child had fun today — we know that we did! Have a great week and enjoy this fabulous weather ... we look forward to seeing you again on Sunday.