Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

March 21, 2010

Mar 21 Class: Section 1

Sevikas: Nanda, Ruchi and Jacqueline

Home Fun Work: Print out and color this picture.
Discuss the meaning of this picture with your child.

Morning Prayers:
• OM Saha Naavavatu click here for text
• Vakratunda Mahakaya click here for text
• Sarasvati Namastubhyam click here for text
• Shree KrishnaH click here for text
• Shree Hanumaan click here for text

Quiet Time: 1 minute of complete silence followed by very accurate shell counting. Two thumbs up, kids!!

Bhajans: Ganapati, Ganapati click here for audio and text

Geeta Chanting: Shlokas 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. click here for on-line registration, audio and text

Likhita Japa:
• राम 21 times click here for tracing card
• ऊँ 21 times click here for tracing card

Letter of the week: "V is for Victory"

Story: The Story of Raja Harischandra

Activity: Stations where small groups of children had to solve a completely different puzzle than the rest of the groups. When everyone was finished with their project, we then posed the question: "Which group was victorious?"

Ending Prayers: OM PoornamadaH click here for text

Comments: Today sure was a fun-filled day! First, we want to thank all the parents (grandparents, too) who joined us for our class activities. We were really glad that you could be a part of your child's balavihar experience today, and hope that you got a good glimpse of how well your children are doing with their weekly disciplines and learning.

After reviewing the vedantic alphabet, we learned our letter of the week: "V is for Victory." To help us understand this concept, Auntie told the story of Raja Harischandra (the very same great story that affected Mahatma Gandhiji in a very profound way during his childhood!) After story time, we then moved into our activities to help us comprehend in a "kindergartener's world" what victory is. Five different puzzle stations were set up throughout the room (legos, mosaic picture making, blocks, etc.) We then had the children divide into groups of 4-5 and assigned them one particular station. When they completed their puzzle they were to raise their hand and tell us they were done — and then wait for the others. As they shouted out "We're done!" we would put a check mark next to their name on the whiteboard. The yellow team finished first. Then the red team, and so on. When everyone completed their puzzles, we then asked the children "Who was victorious?" On first impression, one might think the Yellow Team because they finished first. But then we talked about how everyone was victorious, because we each completed the task that was set before us ... no matter how long it took. We each had different tasks — and we each accomplished them!

Our Geeta Chanting is coming along nicely. We will be moving up to Shloka 6 in our next class on April 11. Please continue to practice with your child at home. We also hope that you make sure to register your child, on-line, for the competition in May. Pronunciation will be critical this year, so we urge you to not only use the blog for practicing and memorization, but you can also take advantage of the free classes that are offered at the ashram  — which are conducted by wonderful Sanskrit instructors. We believe that they are on Friday evenings, but please double check the schedule by visiting the Vrindavan website, or by asking Vasavaji.

We will be resuming our End of the Year play rehearsals during next class. Parents, please don't forget to add your child's wardrobe to your "Things To Do List." We will be needing the kids to wear black pants and a black shirt for the big performance in June. Your choice of short sleeves or long sleeves .... just make sure that they are completely dressed in black.

We certainly hope that this incredible weather continues — boy, is it a day to romp around outdoors, or what?!! Maybe on one of the warm days in May, we can convince the kids to hold a balavihar class outside ... what do you think, kids — a good idea?

Anyway, many thanks again to all the parents for an enjoyable morning. We are truly grateful to be able to spend this time with your children ... not only is it an opportunity for us to forget that we are part of the "older generation," but there isn't a class that passes when we haven't learned something from our young friends!

Enjoy your spring break — and we look forward to getting back together in two weeks.